Arwen Costume

Arwen Costume

To pull off a real shocker this coming Halloween season, you may need some magical help from the mystical world of Lord of the Rings. This blockbuster hit movie is the very representation of the word ‘fiction’ and the characters in it are equally famous. But for the ladies out there who want to be gorgeous and beautiful this Halloween season, the Arwen Costume is the best choice. This character is no doubt one of the most illustrious casts in the Lord of the Rings.

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So why exactly is Arwen such a celebrity? First, it may have something to do with her race. In the Lord of the Rings, the world which is called the Middle-earth is inhabited by many different human-like races. These include the hobbits, dwarves, elves, humans, and the dreaded orcs. But the author of the Trilogy J.R.R. Tolkien represented that the elves are the fairest and wisest of all beings, in addition to being immortal as well. And Arwen is one of them.

Arwen CostumeWith this status, the elves held the highest authority and position over middle-earth. They commanded the most powerful army, wielded the strongest weapons, and lived a life of luxury comparable to royalties. The advanced tools and equipments crafted by them includes a lightweight armor that is said to be stronger than dragon scales, a sword that warns of the enemies presence by glowing, a rope that can inflict infuriating pain to enemies which according to Sméagol gives both a burning and freezing feel, and an antidote than can cure just about any disease.

The elves are also not just wise and inventive, they are also extremely beautiful. Both the men and women are like gods and goddesses, and next to the other races, they are simply stunning. All of them usually sport a long flowing hair which is either ebony black or golden blonde. And they are always clad in beautiful dresses and out-of-this-world jewelries. So aside from the Arwen Costume, other Elf Costumes will also make a great fashion idea for Halloween.

So are you now convinced of the grace and superiority of the Elven race? Surely, they are all wonderful, but Arwen is on a much higher level than the regular Elves. Arwen is not just another pointy-ear but a royalty at that. She is the daughter of one of the most illustrious, future-seeing elf. This birthright bestowed her with more beauty, more strength, and more appeal. This status made her one of the most favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings. And with this kind of fame, the Arwen Costume will definitely not do you wrong.

Her costumes are also not limited to just one design. Even in the movie itself, she is seen wearing many different kinds of dresses, all of which are gorgeous. You can for example go for her all-white dress featuring long flowing drapes and bell-shaped sleeves. There is also a mint green and a black and red version. But whichever you choose, trust that it will be fascinating and fabulous.

And to up the ante for that upcoming Halloween party, why not ask your friends to wear other Lord of the Rings inspired costumes? With the gang complete, the fun is sure to quadruple. They can go for Legolas Costume, Gandalf Costume, Frodo Costume, Saruman Costume, and Dark Lord Costume.

So go ahead and hit that party hard with the complete set of Lord of the Rings cast. If an Arwen Costume is illustrious enough, just imagine how much better things can get if the other equally famous characters are also there with you. And to make sure that things will go smoothly, all of these costumes are made with high grade materials and high quality workmanship. Be beautiful, be mystical, be Arwen.

Look More Authentic With These Accessories

Do you want your Arwen costume to look more authentic? The there is only one way to do that and that is by adding all the right accessories to your look.

Arwen Even Star NecklaceThe Arwen costume has so many accessories that could be added to make this look more authentic. From headpieces to jewelry, you will definitely be able to find all the right stuffs to make you look like the real Arwen.

If your hair didn’t grow in time for Halloween then there is no need to worry because you can always buy an Arwen wig to get the same length of hair that she had in the movie.

To add some more highlight to your hair, just add some hair jewelry just like from the movie. You can easily find this in many different shops and it will look heavenly with your entire look.

The Arwen necklace and pendant is very important in completing the look. Make sure to have this when you wear this costume so that people will easily identify who your costume is.

Many women love wearing the Arwen outfit for Halloween that is why it is important to know what accessories go with it. So if you have decided to wear this look for Halloween then complete it accessories to look like the real Arwen.


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