Adult Arwen Costume

Arwen Undomiel is one of the marvelous characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and going to a party in an Adult Arwen Costume would be fun.

The name Arwen actually means “woman of nobility” and her last name means “evening star”, therefore, she truly lived up to the beauty and nobility implied by her name. The beautiful Arwen was one of the half-elfens, the sister to Elrohir and Elladan, daughter of Celebrian and Elrond. She was first introduced when Frodo awoke in Elrond’s home and she materialized in the mountains and caves at the time the Hobbits were approaching; when Aragorn saw her for the first time.

Adult Arwen CostumeArwen was more than 2700 years old, when she met Aragorn and he was barely 20 while living in Rivendell; he immediately fell in love with the beautiful Lady and eventually they had a ceremony at Cerin Amroth where they swore their love and commitment to one another. They remained committed for many years until they were married when Aragorn was crowned the King of Gonder, and she became his Queen. Aragorn was quite inspired by Arwen, and she was the one who motivated him to proceed on his journeys when he was ready to quit. They were together for many years and she finally died when she was slightly over 2900 years of age. Even thought she is rarely seen in the stories, she has quite the influence on the characters in the story. Going to a party as Queen Arwen would be an excellent idea.

Queen Arwen outfit in White

When Arwen arrives at the party in this lovely adult Arwen costume, she’ll be a vision of loveliness. This a long white gown with a silverish white overlay, which is trimmed in silver. The sleeves are long, white bell sleeves. The outfit comes in one size and is priced under $40.

Outfit for Beautiful Queen in Green

Even when she was over 2600 years old, she was still exceptionally lovely. When she comes to the party in this adult Arwen costume, there’s no doubt she’ll still be the most beautiful half elf there. This is a beautiful long flowing gown with a sheer overlay. The sleeves and top of the gown are delicate green lace, and the sleeves extending into extra long belled sleeves, with a beautiful silk overlay. A beautiful jeweled tiara-crown is also included with the outfit. This comes in one size and is priced under $100.

Outfit for Loveliest Queen

When she puts on this lovely adult Arwen costume, she’ll feel like the elfin Queen. This is a beautiful black velvet gown with long burnt orange sleeves with a matching strip of burnt orange on the bodice. Additional trim of gold lacing is at the top of the bodice, the shoulders, and at the elbows. She’ll look quite intriguing in this lovely gown that comes in one size and costs less than $70.

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Ordering On-line

It’s very convenient to get this adult Arwen costume on-line and it’s so much more affordable than similar outfits in the local stores. Items are shipped very quickly.


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